monster tradeshow

For decades, Monster, Inc. has been one of the most highly anticipated industry leaders to attend and participate in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. As Associate Art Director for Monster’s Creative Services Department, I dedicate months in advance to the development, revision, and final creation of new assets that demonstrate how the brand will be presented to the world over the coming year. Each piece of collateral must be consistent with a common message and versatile enough to support each initiative, campaign, product launch, and sponsored event that takes place over the course of just a few days at the beginning of Q1.

Some of the assets I’ve created in the past have included leave behinds, palm cards, large format printing, t-shirt design, monolith artwork, concert banners and posters, retailer invites, electronic assets and e-blasts, product-specific informational sheets, and B2B literature. Each piece of creative must flow with the show’s schedule without distracting from the power of the Monster message, and is often subject to on-site revisions to maintain our own momentum, create the element of surprise for both attendees and participants, and increase Monster’s brand recognition.