2009 - 2015
The word “túnay” is the Tagalog (Filipino) term used to express that which is true, correct, and pure. I came up with an ambigram logo that reads 2NAI and TRUE to reflect the origin while maintaining the dignity of the definition.

2NAI is an art collective of rapping photographers, song writing beat makers and DJing graphic designers who strengthen community through local events. Winner-take-all b-boy competitions, charitable fundraisers, and live concerts are each held to spread the love of music and bring people together for a common purpose. In addition to supporting the organization of these events, I provided marketing through branding, poster art, and unique merchandise. 

2NAI TRUE logo
TRUE 2NAI logo
2NAI 2012 Merch
2NAI Means True 3 San Francisco

Battle Born Crossfit is a gym in Reno, NV. I took elements from the Nevada flag and symbols of the gym to create this lock up.

fit box
Battle Born Crossfit fit box
Battle Born Crossfit

PJ Sagun is a photographer from Reno, NV who specializes in portrait photography. The letters PJ create the shape of a camera.

PJ SAGUN photographer logo
PJ Photography Business Card

House of Roots is a growing operation in the San Francisco area. We took a island-vibe approach for this cannabis grower. 

House of Roots Vape