adidas x monster

This project was the result of a longstanding respect for adidas' iconic style and Monster’s commitment to cutting edge technology and new methods of cobranding, from digital and retail to messaging and packaging. 

Adidas had specific guidelines that needed to be reviewed and well-maintained throughout the creative process, and clearly reflected in all graphics and creative content. Monster had the reputation for generating powerful technology and improving the sound experience. In a sense, Monster was the hardware and adidas was the sauce. 

Both adidas Originals and adidas Sport evoked their own unique emotion for each season, with accessories specifically designed to color match apparel. While Originals historically kept its raw lifestyle and playful taste intact from year to year, Sport was the trend that gave Monster the opportunity to provide a new kind of look for a new type of consumer. Together, we created well-formed, functional headphones that catered to the active lifestyle without isolating the broader audience. Easily one of the most successful and relevant collaborations to date. 

Adidas adistar Monster headphones

Point of purchase: banners and 2 ft. demo display. I executed the graphic layout with the photo assets provided by adidas.

POP Adidas sport Monster

Digital banners for the Monster home page.


This graphic was used at the London Marathon for the adidas headphone section - I executed the product photography and graphic layout.

Adidas London Marathon 2016